Ede's photos, observations, scribblings.


Eucalyptus detail

Taken on the walk to Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park, on Tasmania’s east coast, the detail in the bark on this eucalyptus really struck me.

I’d been away from the Tasmanian bush for a few years, and the trip recently really highlighted to me how colourful and textured the Australian bush it.  It was captivating.


Iridescent butterfly

One of the joys of visiting the Aveyron region of France in the summer was the abundance of animal and insect life.  The air buzzed with the sound of all those wings!  Whilst on a walk through a canyon of the Lot River valley, I spotted this radiant butterfly and followed it until it landed.


Hummingbird moth

The lavender was in full bloom and was swarming with life.  The most remarkable visitor to come and drink the nectar were the hummingbird moths.  I was fortunate to be able to capture one in the act of collecting nectar, mid-flight.


Contrail reflected in the pool

I spent an evening taking photos of the sunset reflected in the pool at Montplaisir, the blue of the pool creating a rich backdrop.

A plane crawled through the sky, the contrail dragging out behind it.  So high we couldn’t hear it, it was a very serene scene to watch unfold.


Sleepy country lane.

A sleepy country lane in the Lot River Valley, France.